I am the independent, forward-thinking running for Mat-Su Borough Assembly in District 3 to give back to my community and get back to basics. That means good roads, good schools, and a government that works for you! If you have any questions about my stances on issues, please reach out by phone (907) 354-6946 or email 

Good Roads.

Many roads that I have been driving on since attending Colony High have not been maintained and have had too much daily traffic. The borough needs to focus on building strong roads to keep our valley safe now and for future generations. 


To pay for these needs we will need new user paid revenue. Currently, the Borough is missing out on many revenue sources from gravel extraction to a fuel excise tax. These taxes target heavy users of our roads and infrastructure in a fair way, and could help with the costs for road repairs and improvements. Let's fix our roads! 


Good Schools

Good Schools.jpg

“It takes a village to raise a child” - African proverb. 


I was raised here, graduated from Colony High School, and have layed down roots on Fairview loop. My wife, Jenny, is currently going back to school to be a teacher and I was able to start a small business. I want the same opportunities for all young people who are raised in the Mat-Su. This means investing in retaining quality educators, repairing and improving our schools, and creating lasting community connections. 


Raising our children and providing them with a safe, engaging, and academically challenging environment should be a top priority for everyone in the Mat-Su. I support fully funding our schools to the maximum local contribution per Alaska Statute. Although the Assembly does not set teacher pay, I want to work with our School Board to ensure that our teacher salaries are highly competitive in our state in order to draw the best talent to our Schools. 

Good Governance

A transparent and proactive borough government that engages and informs residents should be the standard. Borough residents often feel in the dark about the status of upcoming infrastructure projects, State or Borough, and do not have a clear line of communication to someone who will listen and work to find a solution. I will push for public meetings between state and borough, commit to healthy dialogue between our FSA’s and RSA’s, and always protect your constitutional rights. When on the Assembly I will continue to be an open door for anyone who has questions, comments, or concerns. Feel free to call, text or email me at (907) 354-6946 or